The main purpose of orthodontics is to prevent the occurrence of disorders affecting the teeth, jaw and face area. It is also a branch of expertise that aims to stop the progression of existing disorders, treat them and provide good aesthetic function (biting, chewing, speaking, laughing). Orthodontics can be applied to patients of any age. However, as we mentioned in pediatric dentistry, diagnosis and treatment at the right time is less burdensome.

Straight teeth and jaws are an integral part of good facial aesthetics and a beautiful smile. For this reason, jaw joint disorders, tooth structure and facial disorders should be treated for aesthetic recovery. At the same time;

– It helps the person to bite food effectively, chew and speak.

– It reduces susceptibility to gum diseases and caries and contributes to healthy teeth and gums.

– It reduces the occurrence of functional problems such as jaw joint disorders and constitutes an important part of the treatment of these disorders.