Diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, including soft tissues such as teeth, bones, tongue, salivary glands and cheeks related to the face, jaw and mouth, correction of injuries or defects, and even minor or major surgical interventions or surgeries for treatment purposes. is to be done. (Especially impacted or twenty years old) In addition to common interventions such as tooth extraction and implant treatment, many types of surgical interventions can be mentioned such as post-traumatic jaw fusion, corrective jaw surgery, oral pathology, and cleft lip treatment.

As in many dental practices, examination with hands, eyes and instruments, and x-ray diagnosis are important components of surgical interventions. Again, one of the important elements of all these procedures is local or general anesthesia and/or sedation. Depending on the type of operation and case, surgical intervention may require the collaboration of more than one physician or even several physicians specialized in different fields.